Exhibition catalogs // Graphic design

//  Graphic design //

2009 – 2012 // Graphic design and print production of various exhibits displayed on Zochrot’s gallery / Curator: Norma Musih

Myopia // David Goss


For this catalog, I wrote a text printed on the paper holder displayed in the photo below (English, on the right).

Catalog // Myopia / David Goss 2011

Catalog // Myopia / side 2

Click here to read more, visit the exhibit page on Zochrots’ website (English)

Myopia’s catalog page on Zochrots’ website (Hebrew)


Re:Form a model //
Hannah Farah – Kufr Bir’im


Invitation and Catalog // Re:form a model

Click here to read more about “Re:Form a model”, at Zochrots’ website (English)


Snapshots // Hagit Keysar


Catalog and Invitation // Snapshots / Hagit Keysar 2009

Catalog logo and spreads // Snapshots / Hagit Keysar 2009

Catalog spreads // Snapshots / Hagit Keysar 2009

    About the Exhibit //

The exhibition was born out of research conducted by anthropologist Hagit Keysar at Jerusalem’s city hall, in which she studied the visual documentation of unauthorized homes. Since 1948 Palestinians do not receive permits to build in Jerusalem, and therefore in order to build new homes or to enlarge existing ones, they find that they must resort to building without permits. Ms. Keysar sat at the legal department archives, behind a desk bearing piles of municipal dossiers, and photocopied documents. The photos duplicated and interpreted by Keysar were intriguing not only because they expose the invasive banality with which the planning laws are enforced; wandering through the photos as they were arranged in the archive allowed her to see and to show how the State’s bureaucratic mechanism functions and examine the fundamental assumptions that guide and justify its actions. The entire exhibition was published in a bi-lingual (English and Hebrew) catalogue. The catalogue was published in the form of a daily paper supplement, thanks to a generous contribution form an Israeli paper that asked to remain anonymous. During the exhibition, Zochrot facilitated three events that explored various themes of the exhibition. The first had to do with photography and human rights, featuring a lecture by Ariella Azoulay; The second event investigated the concept of the archive and the significance of archival work through a lecture by film-maker Eyal Sivan; The third and final event was dedicated to the architectural aspects of the project in a lecture entitled “Demolition Plan: on the ’body’ of ’the place’ Informal Planning in East Jerusalem“ presented by architects Senan Abdelqader and Liat Brix-Etgar.

To preview the full catalog on pdf, click here: Snapshots_cataloge_preview


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