Study Guide: How do we say Nakba in Hebrew?

//  Graphic design //

2008 – 2012 // Graphic design and print production of the Study Guide / Visual identity for all additional publications promoting the Guide: Posters, Brochures, Invitations, etc’. // Published by 2008

About the Study Guide //

“How do we say Nakba in Hebrew?” is a unique study guide about the Nakba for teachers in the formal and informal Israeli-Jewish educational systems. The study guide contains 13 units, each of which includes lesson plans and activities tailored to students aged 15 or older. Three years in preparation, the study guide was researched, written, designed, and assessed by teachers and by Zochrot’s staff.

Read more about it on Zochrots’ website.

Graphic examples //

Study Guide hard copy // Launch 2008

Posters exhibit // Study guide launch 2008

Study Guide // Publication 2011

Study Guide // Cover

Study Guide // Brochure

Study Guide // Unit 1 cover


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