A new book Design // “Awda”

  • // Book design //

    2013 // Zochrot & Pardes publication

    “Awda – Imagined Testimonies from Possible Futures” (Awda = Return, in Arabic)
    This book is a new book under the “Sedek” books series.
    It’s a bilingual Arabic/Hebrew book of short stories written by Palestinians and Jewish-Israeli writers.
    The main thread connecting the stories, is that all the stories occur after the return of the Palestinian refugees to Israel-Palestine.

    About the design //

    The editors of the book, wanted a simple design look, as opposed to the provocative topic of the book.
    The chosen cover of the book shows a clock hands on a somewhat passport texture.
    The image is in a way a reference to surrealism aesthetics but doesn’t “go all the way” there.

    One of the repeating challenge I find, designing a lot of bilingual texts, is how to layout the Hebrew and Arabic together. The esthetic choices entangle in them an interpretation, a message. Majority of bilingual designs layout the texts parallel to each other, so they would look equal. Equal in the eye = Equaly important. One of the new ideas for this book is to layout the languages differently. We decided to spread the stories throughout the book in a shuffle, between Hebrew and Arabic, trying to create an organic inner logic. This would mean that the Arabic story and it’s Hebrew translation (Or the opposit) are not “attached” together. Every language has it’s own inner flow to the book. If you look at the table of content, You see the order of the book in 2 languages in one column – each headline in it’s language. This is in a way, trying to break out the “Co-existense” way of paralleling  everything, and trying to find a new organic way of existing together.



    Earlier sketches of the cover //

    Here are sketches (spreads, front/back) I made for the book, in an earlier stage. Those designs ideas are based mainly on Typography, and particularly on the Arabic first letter of “Awda”. Also, there’s a continuous “play” between the front and back cover.
    I loved making them but they weren’t the editors pick.
    What do you think – do you prefer the chosen cover or one of the sketches below?

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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