I love useful things! 
I love creating useful products 
and I love thinking and coming up with solutions on how to make things useful.
Whether it's a digital or a print product, a website or a book;
whether it's just sewing clothes for my kids, 
or working around the house with wood or cardboard.
I always examine my work from the usability perspective: 
What is the use of this product? 
Who are its users? 
What will they experience while using it? 
And finally, is it simple and easy enough to use?? 

The beauty and success of a product lie in its usability.


Specialties: Visual design, user experience design, print, web, mobile, project management (team, schedule, budget),
websites, branding, books, exhibitions
I’m very comfortable with a multicultural work environment:
English, Hebrew, Arabic and German are among the languages I’m experienced in designing for.

I have 10 years’ experience working as a designer in a studio, a team member and project manager in an NGO, and an independent designer.
My rich experience has helped me refine my attentiveness to my clients’ and co-workers’ different requirements and preferences.
My project management skills enable me to support my clients through the entire work process.
Starting from the first steps of realizing and defining the purpose of their product,
I draw a timeline and lead them through the work process until it’s complete.
I’m great when it comes to tight budget projects, and thrive with a comfortable budget.

My clients range from small to medium-sized organizations. The organizations I have worked with include: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, United Architects Israel, Social-Economic Academy, Power to the Workers, and Yuri Stern Foundation.

Scholarships and exhibits:
2005 Artik 8/ America-Israel Cultural Foundation; exhibition for scholarship recipients
2006 Bogrim+ (Graduates+)/ Holon Institute of Technology; selected works by Faculty of Design graduates
2005 America-Israel Cultural Foundation – merit scholarship

Aviv Gros-Allon
ViV design
Jan 2015



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